Living Room Wall Art

Combine cricut cut and a watercolor background and you get awesome pictures to fill your wall for almost free! I found those cuts in between cricut images and I just loved the bike.

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What is SVG

What is SVG and what do you use it for?

I keep hearing people with explore machine asking this question all the time so I decided to make this post only to explain what it is.
SVG stands for the scalable vector graphic. The exact definition is: 

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Oh happy day....:-)

Well well well....look what I got for christmas...

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Play Cards

I've been looking for some nice play cards for my son, but I just didn't like any of those they sell. I guess every time I looked at some of them I always ended up thinking the same old "I can do nicer ones" So one day I finally did.

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Baby Shower Party Decorations

One of our friend is now expecting a baby so I helped with her baby shower. The theme was a little unusual - air balloons and elephants. And since it is going to be a girl, pink elephants. It toke me a while to think of what I should make but at the end I was happy with what I came up with.

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