Make Your Own Art Journal

Using a binder and a few pre-decorated pages you can get an awesome art journal made in just minutes!

I recently bought Zutter binder so I decided to put it in use and made my own art journal. I love the finnish product so I decided I will share it. Here is what you will need:

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Love Free Printable

I made this for my awesome hubby....I know, it is may be a little tacky but it was made with love. 

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Free Fonts With or Without Commercial License, Where To Find Them And How To Install

I love fonts, there is so many to choose from and some of them are just so pretty.

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Banners are awesome...

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Wall Art For Kids Room

Ive been thinking about what to give for my friends son's birthday. I wanted something personal and at the same time something that would decorated his room that he could also keep when he is older. Ive ordered bunch of vinyl and decided to make something a little bit different.

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Yard Sale Treasures

The other day we went to a yard sale that was in my in law neighborhood where we found large decorative frame for one dollar. I wasn't sure what to make out of it yet but I knew that it would just be too good to pass despite the ugly color of the frame and funny flowery print.

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