Another awesome t-shirt

Driving in the car with my hubby, we started talking about what else we could put on the t-shirt. While back he got me a screen printing machine but I ve never used it. I think I just find the whole process more difficult then it could be so I 've never even tried it.

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Elmo's World

Today I finally finished some of the pictures for my son's wall. Few months ago when I got the explore machine for Christmas I started cutting out shapes of sesame street characters thinking that I will use them sometimes for sure and this way I will also learn how to use the machine properly.

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Living Room Wall Art

Combine cricut cut and a watercolor background and you get awesome pictures to fill your wall for almost free! I found those cuts in between cricut images and I just loved the bike.

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What is an SVG?

I keep hearing people with explore machine asking this question all the time so I decided to make this post only to explain what it is.
SVG stands for scalable vector graphic. The exact definition is: 

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Oh happy day....:-)

Well well well....look what I got for christmas...

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