Wall Art For Kids Room

Ive been thinking about what to give for my friends son's birthday. I wanted something personal and at the same time something that would decorated his room that he could also keep when he is older. Ive ordered bunch of vinyl and decided to make something a little bit different.

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Yard Sale Treasures

The other day we went to a yard sale that was in my in law neighborhood where we found large decorative frame for one dollar. I wasn't sure what to make out of it yet but I knew that it would just be too good to pass despite the ugly color of the frame and funny flowery print.

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Texture On Canvas

This time I used 5x5 canvases. I used pink, teal and navy blue and green colors and blended them together on textured background created by using cricut to cut out stencils and putting a small layer of filling paste over it.

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Small Canvas Art

The other day we went to michaels and bought awesome deep canvas packs. One of them was 4"x4" and there is 9 of them in one pack. They were all on 60% deal so they came to something over 7$ for all of them.

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Elmo Birthday Banner

Last year I made a birthday banner for our son's party and I really liked how it came out.

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Extra Large Art For Your Home

It had been quite a while since we moved and pretty much since the day we moved in I wanted our living room to had some dark blue accents but at the time it was almost impossible to do because of our baby boy just starting to walk and holding onto anything he could have.

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