Wall Art For Little Boy's Room

I just sooo love my cricut! And I have to share with you my lovely crafty friends! We asked our son what theme he wants in his room and he decided he wants a superhero room.

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Christmas Cards With Cricut

This year Christmas cards were made all with cricut and cuttlebug I've uploaded them to primrose if anyone is interested. There is 15 cards all together. Hope you like them as much as I do:-)


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Make Your Own Art Journal

I recently bought Zutter binder so I decided to put it in use and made my own art journal. I love the finnish product so I decided I will share it. Here is what you will need:

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Love Free Printable

I made this for my awesome hubby....I know, it is may be a little tacky but it was made with love. 

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Free Fonts With or Without Commercial License, Where To Find Them And How To Install

I love fonts, there is so many to choose from and some of them are just so pretty.

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Banners are awesome...They are pretty, very easy to make and you can make a banner for almost any occasion. I try to make mine about 5, 5 inches tall so there would be more of them fitting on the page. Obviously you can make almost any size up to almost 12 inches.

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